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21 Unique Things to Do in Covington, Georgia, By a Local

Covington Ga Street Art

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Although there are many cities in Georgia I love, a favorite of mine is the city of Covington. While there’s plenty to see and do in the area, my favorite place to go when I visit is the downtown area — and not just because my stylist is located at Beatniks Salon on Covington Square. It’s a cool place to visit for a day trip, a weekend getaway, or even for your Georgia vacation. 

What is Covington, Georgia Known for?

Covington, GA Courthouse
Covington Courthouse — Photo by Crystal Jackson

Covington, Georgia, is a small town about 30 minutes east of Atlanta. You might be surprised to learn that its claim to fame is that it’s a major filming location.

It’s been home to filming for The Dukes of Hazzard, In the Heat of the Night, The Vampire Diaries, Sweet Magnolias, and so many more famous shows and movies. Over 200, in fact.

It also has plenty of history, antebellum homes, and a courthouse that’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places. These days, you’ll find most of the visitors come to Covington to see the places where their favorite shows were filmed.

In 2017, Covington was named one of the Prettiest Small Towns in Georgia by Southern Living Magazine.

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution called it “Best Town Square in Atlanta” in 2018. You’ll also find that its local ghost tour is one of the 5 best Halloween experiences in the state of Georgia. 

21 Unique Things to Do in Covington, Georgia

I’ve been to Covington plenty of times, as it’s pretty close to where I live, and the last time I was there was a just few weeks ago. So I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the best things to do if it’s the first time you’re in town.

1. Have Coffee at Local Coffeehouse & Study Lounge

Local Coffeehouse & Study Lounge, Covington GA
Local Coffeehouse — Photo by Crystal Jackson

Local Coffeehouse & Study Lounge isn’t the only local coffee shop in town, but it’s my favorite for great coffee and friendly service. It’s the perfect place to meet friends for coffee or to curl up with a good book.

With an extensive coffee menu and posted staff favorites, you’re sure to find something to suit your palate. It’s a cozy shop, and it’s a hop, skip, and a jump from two other places on my list — The Social Goat Tavern and Axe-Town.

2. Have Lunch at Bread and Butter Bakery

Bread and Butter Bakery, Covington, GA
Bread and Butter Bakery — Photo by Crystal Jackson

Bread and Butter Bakery is THE place to go for fresh-baked bread, pastries, and sandwiches. There’s also a coffee counter in the back.

While I can definitely recommend the quality of the coffee, my experience of the service at the coffee counter isn’t as friendly as you’ll find at The Local.

However, Bread and Butter is a great place to meet up with a date or friends for lunch. They even have gluten-free and vegan options. Don’t forget to check out the many pastries baked fresh each day. You’ll surely find something to tempt you here. 

3. Visit Axe Town for Fun with Friends

If you’re looking for something fun to do in town, consider throwing axes (or knives) at Axe-Town. Test out your skills and see if you can hit the bullseye at Axe-Town.

You can even participate in a tournament to see if you’ve got what it takes to win. It’s the perfect place for a fun night out with friends, and it’s conveniently located beside the Social Goat Tavern.

You could plan an entire date night around meeting for drinks, having dinner if it goes well, and heading over for some fun and games at Axe-Town. 

4. Shop at Candi Warhols

One of the coolest shops to come to Covington is Candi Warhols, a skate shop that also sells apparel and vinyl records.

Pick up a skateboard, grab your favorite band tee, or check out the latest records on your visit. You’ll be shopping local and supporting the local economy. Check out this fun shop in downtown Covington and see what all the buzz is about. 

5. Enjoy Taco Tuesday at Lucky Day Taco & Tequila Shop

Let’s be honest: Tacos aren’t just for Tuesdays. They’re good any day of the week. Well, any day but Monday when Lucky Day is closed.

Check out this taco restaurant for street tacos, nachos, burritos, and delicious cocktails. You can even enjoy churros with chocolate sauce if you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

6. Get Fit on the Cricket Frog Trail

If you love to walk, run, or cycle, you’ll want to check out Covington’s Cricket Frog Trail. This rail trail runs along the route once traveled by the Central of Georgia Railroad. This can be a great place to meet up with friends and go for a walk to catch up.

At present, the bridge at the Alcovy River is closed and awaiting repairs. Once those repairs are completed, the path is expected to extend to a total of 14 paved miles with plans to extend it to 18 miles and connect neighboring towns. 

7. Experience a Tasting at Town Square Olive Oil

Town Square Olive Oil
Town Square Olive Oil — Photo by Crystal Jackson

You’ve heard of wine tastings, but have you tried an olive oil tasting? You can sample olive oils and balsamic vinegar at Town Square Olive Oil.

You can even schedule your very own wine tasting in the store. Located in downtown Covington, you’ll want to add this shop to your list of places to see on your visit. The quality is great, and there’s plenty of variety to choose from among the options in the shop. 

8. Experience Thrills and Chills with Covington Ghost Tour

Yet another fun experience in downtown Covington is to go on a ghost tour with Covington Ghost Tours. Walking tours take 2.5 hours and include some historic and filming locations.

The tour guides are members of the East Georgia Paranormal Group and the Professional Ghost Tour Guides of America. Several of the locations you’ll see on the tour have even been investigated by the Atlantic Paranormal Society.

If you want to experience thrills and chills, a ghost tour could be the perfect activity to add to your agenda on your visit to Covington. 

9. Support Local Farmers and Shop Covington, GA, Farmer’s Market 

The Covington Farmer’s Market runs from May to October each year. You’ll find it located at Heirloom Park at the Welcome Center or on Covington Square (on select dates).

You’ll find fresh fruit and vegetables, handmade crafts, plants, cut flowers, baked goods, pet food, and more at the market. On your visit, you can shop local and support local farmers, artists, and craftspeople with your purchases. 

10. Visit Mystic Falls Tours to Take a Vampire Diaries Tour

Sign of Mystic Falls from the Vampire Diaries - Covington
Sign of Mystic Falls from the Vampire Diaries — Photo by Crystal Jackson

If you’re a fan of the Vampire Diaries, you need to take a tour with the Vampire Stalkers Mystic Falls Tours.

The tour also includes information about Legacies, another show that was filmed in Covington. The tour costs $55 per person, and it is wheelchair accessible with advanced notice.

On your visit, you can even check out the museum, which features items and clothing from the Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Heat of the Night, and Dukes of Hazzard. Television and film fans won’t want to miss this tram and walking tour. 

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11. Jump at Boost Trampoline Park

If you’re traveling with children or just need to get out some energy, you can visit Boost, Covington’s own trampoline park.

The facility contains trampolines, a dodgeball area, a basketball court for you to practice your slam dunks, a foam pit, an area set aside for the smallest of jumpers, and an indoor playground. This family-friendly spot is a great way to entertain the family on a rainy day. 

12. Go on the Covington Movie Tour with Main Street Trolleys and Tours

Downtown Covington, GA
Downtown Covington — Photo by Crystal Jackson

The ultimate Covington Movie experience can be found at Main Street Trolleys and Tours. For $40 per person, you can see over 40 filming locations.

You’ll visit some of the oldest homes in the area, hear a few ghost stories, and get the inside scoop on the filming of some of your favorite shows and movies. This is the ultimate tour for movie fans!

13. Stay at Twelve Oaks Bed and Breakfast

Did you know that you can visit Covington and stay in the home that inspired the Twelve Oaks of Gone with the Wind fame?

Twelve Oaks Bed and Breakfast is one of the top antebellum sites in the state, and it’s been around since 1836. It’s now an operating bed and breakfast with rooms themed around some of the famous movies and shows filmed in the area.

It’s the perfect place to stay if you’re looking for unique accommodations in Covington. 

14. Have Dinner at Mystic Grill

Mystic Grill, Covington, GA
Mystic Grill — Photo by Crystal Jackson

The Mystic Grill is a must-see destination on your trip to Covington. The historic building it’s in was built in 1906 as the Bank of Covington. Prior to the bank’s existence, a saloon once stood on this site owned by Colonel Robert Bagby — now the site’s most famous ghost.

It became a restaurant inspired by the one in The Vampire Diaries series. This farm-to-table restaurant is now a Covington staple serving up southern specialties, sandwiches, burgers, and more.

The Sweet Tea Fried Chicken is a fan favorite, but you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. 

15. Have Brunch at City Pharmacy

City Pharmacy
City Pharmacy — Photo by Crystal Jackson

City Pharmacy may have started out as a family-owned and operated drugstore, but it used to be the only place to grab a meal on the square downtown. The soda counter served up hot dogs, sandwiches, and malts.

These days, it’s no longer a pharmacy, and the restaurant serves up reimagined Southern classics. You’ll find that they serve dinner here, but you don’t want to miss out on brunch on the weekends.

Stop in for their signature Bloody Mary or a City Mimosa while diving into their special brunch menu. I’d recommend the Maple Bacon Old-Fashioned and the delicious Chicken and Waffles. 

16. Take a Self-Guided Tour

#DiscovCov Street Art 
#DiscovCov Street Art — Photo by Crystal Jackson

If you’re on a budget and simply can’t spring for all the wonderful tours offered in Covington, consider a self-guided tour instead. Discover Covington offers several self-guided tours on their website.

Options include the Self-Guided Television/Movie Tour, the Self-Guided Walk of Stars, and the Historic Homes Tour. This can be a great way to see the city at your own pace and learn about its fascinating history as the Hollywood of the South. 

17. Grab a Drink at the Social Goat Tavern

While you’re in Covington, you don’t want to miss dropping by the Social Goat Tavern for a drink. While you’re getting a drink, you might be reminded that this atmospheric tavern is also a full-service restaurant.

They even offer Saturday brunch, music BINGO and karaoke, and dueling pianos on select nights. It’s a fun place to hang out, and the food is more than your average pub grub. You can expect burgers and fries, but there are tacos available, too. 

18. Be Entertained with Final Friday Flicks

From April to October, you can visit downtown Covington on a Friday night the last Friday of the month to see a free outdoor movie. It starts at 6pm and is usually a double feature.

Final Friday Flicks is a great way to spend time with friends and is fun for the whole family. Bring a blanket and picnic and enjoy a movie under the stars.

The city updates the movie calendar at the start of the season so you’ll know what’s playing each night on the Final Friday Flicks. 

19. Support Agritourism at Mitcham Farms

Mitcham Farm strawberries, fresh smoothies and donuts
Mitcham Farm strawberry season — Photo by Crystal Jackson

For years, my family has supported Mitcham Farms — particularly during strawberry season. It’s one of our favorite places to visit each year.

In the spring, you can pick your own basket of strawberries and enjoy strawberry smoothies, strawberry shortcakes, strawberry donuts made fresh, and more.

It’s family-friendly, fun, and the strawberries are delicious. There’s usually an annual Strawberry Festival, too. 

In the Fall, you can pick your own pumpkin, visit farm animals, get lost in a corn maze, ride a hayride or barrel train, mine for gems, ride a mechanical bull, and so much more!

The farm’s shop serves many seasonal treats, and you’ll find so much to see and do on your trip to Mitcham. You can support agritourism while enjoying a fun day out for the whole family.

20. Indulge Your Sweet Tooth at Scoops

On your visit to Covington, don’t forget to make time for ice cream. Scoops is a local favorite that you won’t want to miss.

The flagship Scoops location is in nearby Madison, Georgia, but the Covington location was the second to launch. Although there are now Scoops locations around the state of Georgia, you can try out their delicious ice cream on your visit to Covington. 

21. Enjoy a Real-Life Adventure at The Clock Tower Escape Room

The Clock Tower Escape Room
The Clock Tower Escape Room — Photo by Crystal Jackson

If you love puzzles and binging true crime, you might want to add a little mystery to your trip. You’ll want to check out the Clock Tower Escape Room for a real-life adventure with your friends.

This immersive entertainment experience offers two exciting themes. You can choose to have a Vampire Diaries adventure or opt for an immersive Stranger Things adventure. You’ll have 60 minutes to make your escape!

A Visit to Covington, Georgia

Downtown Covington, GA
Downtown Covington, GA – Photo by Crystal Jackson

Covington, Georgia, is worth a visit. As the Fall season approaches, you can see the city in its full glory. While you can visit any time of year and enjoy it, the autumn season shines.

Go on a ghost tour, immerse yourself in vampire lore, and check out local historic — haunted even? — houses.

With so much to see and do, you’ll either have an action-packed day, or you might be tempted to extend your trip into a long weekend. 

Right now, you’ll find that Sweet Magnolias, Legacies, and The First Lady are all filming in Covington.

While there’s no guarantee you’ll see your favorite stars, there’s no guarantee you won’t either. Whether you visit Covington for its downtown charm, delicious cuisine, rich history, or just for its link to your favorite shows, you’ll find that the city doesn’t disappoint.

Just be sure to book your tours in advance as they’ll be in high demand as fall ramps up. Mark your calendars, and don’t forget to add Covington to your list of places to see in Georgia. 

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